Our Breeds:


Our beef herd is made up of pedigree Aberdeen Angus and pedigree Dexter cattle. All are put to an Aberdeen Angus bull; the resulting calves make excellent beef animals. Our beef is dry hung for up to four weeks before being offered for sale in the shop.


We have a flock of Lleyn breeding sheep which are put to Beltex rams. The excellent mothering abilities of the Lleyn ewe, combined with the muscular conformation of the Beltex, makes for a good crop of well fleshed, prime lambs all of which go through the shop.


Our breeding sows are Landrocs (Landrace x Duroc) they are very hardy and have been bred for producing pigs with high meat quality. The sows have outdoor access at all times and are crossed with a Large White boar to give the size and quality fat pig we require, which carries just a little more fat than the norm. All of the pigs produced are processed on the farm and made into our speciality dry cured bacon and hams, cooked hams, a variety of handmade sausages and pork joints; all of which are sold in the shop.